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EU User Consent Policy

If this policy is incorporated into your agreement with Google or if you use Google services covered by this policy, you must disclose certain information to, and obtain consent from, end users in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom. Failure to comply with this policy may result in Google limiting or suspending your use of Google services or terminating your agreement.

Properties under your control

If you use Google services on sites, apps or other property controlled by you, your affiliates or your customers, you are subject to the following obligations with respect to end users in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom.

You must obtain legally valid consent from your end users to

For the use of cookies or other local storage (where required by law)

the collection, sharing, and use of personal data for the purpose of personalizing advertising.

If you seek consent, you must

Maintain records of consent obtained from end users

Provide end users with clear procedures for revoking consent

Clearly identify each party whose use of your Google services may result in the collection, receipt, or use of end users' personal data. You must also prominently display information about that party's use of end users' personal data.

Third Party Controlled Properties

If your use or integration of Google services results in the personal data of end users of third party properties being shared with Google, you must make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the operators of the third party properties comply with the obligations described above Third Party Properties are defined as your company's properties. Third party properties are sites, apps, or other properties that are not controlled by you, your affiliates, or your customers and that do not yet use Google services to which this policy applies.

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